The MiRi project at the Salam Show of Lama Alogli on Radio Ara

In the Salam show of Monday October 17, Lama Alogli conducted an interview with Professor Charles Max from the University of Luxembourg – SNT ┬áto know more about the app SnT is preparing for all newcomers to Luxembourg in collaboration with the Syrian Culture Center and ASTI. This app will present all information refugees need to know about in Luxembourg. The app will be easy to use on smartphones and computers.

Other topics of the 7th Salam show:

  • an interview with Mr. Poush from ADEM to explain the procedures to apply to ADEM and how to find job in Luxembourg.
  • presentation of some Aranbic habits in the culture part
  • announcement of a small tour to the Luxembougish parlement
  • luxembourgish news in Arabic
  • and of course a lot of songs from Arab countries

Listen to the show here


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